Who Can Provide Me With Proofread Essay Samples

A well constructed and formatted proofread essay can seem like a very difficult thing to find when you need it most. This is often an illusion brought on by the intense panic from an approaching deadline. It’s best to take deep breaths and calm yourself before you continue your search. When you’re in a better frame of mind, check the following places and people for proofread essay samples.

  • A librarian

  • Few people know writing like librarians. English majors may be slightly better at knowing what to write but if you need a high quality sample to look at right away, a librarian may be your best bet. Go to a library, particularly the one on your college campus, and explain exactly the type of essay you are looking for. Your librarian should be able to tell you what shelf it’s on and what corners you have to turn to get there. You may even find yourself holding a book full of the type of essays you need.

  • A friend

  • You should have at least one friend who’s very good at writing. If not, you should consider expanding your base of friends to include people with more diverse interests. Assuming that the relationship has already been established, ask this person to show you one of their best essays that has already been submitted. It will have been proofread carefully and should show their distinct style. You should not be aiming to copy what they said or how they said it, just read to get a feel for how they accomplished the writing. If you get confused, this person is your friend so feel free to ask.

  • An academic

  • The academic you ask may be your current professor, a professor you once had, the most approachable professor on campus or a friend of your family. Whoever they are, they will have access to high quality proofread essays you can learn from. Just remember to ask politely.

  • A search engine

  • Search engines will yield results of varying quality but where no other options are available, it’s definitely worth a try. If you can’t find a proofread essay, look at the ones that need proofreading and try practicing your skills on them.

Good writing is a joy to read and once you source the proofread essay you’re seeking you will be able to learn more about the process for your own work.

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