Can The World Ever Experience Peace?

Most people on Earth desire long healthy lives with enough of the things that they need to survive and be comfortable. It is part of the human condition. This is often what comes to mind when people think of peace. As such, this goal is one that many have fought and died for. The sad truth is, it is not even known whether true lasting peace can ever be experienced. This essay seeks to answer the stated question: Can worldwide peacefulness be experienced?


As negative as this response may sound, there are a great many reasons to believe it. There are many different groups and affiliations to which people owe their loyalty. Belonging to one group by necessity means not having membership of any of the others. This can encourage feelings of superiority which lead those who are in the group to say things about non members which are absolutely vile so that harming them seems like a valid choice. As long as there are divisions between groups there will be reasons for conflict. Most of these reasons are very illogical but they can cause or maintain centuries long conflicts. The majority of wars actually follow this very format


Depending on how the word ‘peace’ is defined, it becomes a much more attainable concept. World peace could come about as a result of all of the world’s concerned citizens deciding to meditate or use other means to improve themselves spiritually. This could ripple out over time to gradually affect the negative elements in societies. This would take years, perhaps even decades of organized efforts by dedicated volunteers who understand that the fruits of their labor may not be visible for years or longer. Peace could also be attained according to Marxist philosophy if the bourgeoisie were overthrown by the proletariat and the factors of production turned over to the masses. The main message is that the peace we desire is difficult to cultivate in the society we currently have although some methods exist.

Total peace would require the absence of life. Life strives on turmoil and it is only from difficult situations that we can learn the skills we need to handle bigger more impressive challenges. The question is not just about whether or not we should seek peace in totality but the extent to which we should accept disharmony as necessary.

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