Top 20 Great Topics For Writing An Exploratory Essay

An exploratory essay is a unique kind of essay, in the sense that it tries to determine how well you can be able to delve deeper into topics that you have been given. Like an explorer, you are expected to take your time in studying a particular subject, delve deeper into its foundation and when you are through, come up with a good evaluation of the subject, and make it convincing to the reader to the point where they have to agree with your point of view.

The following are some of the best and simplest topics that you can come up with, which you will certainly want to think about.

  1. How to gain a technical edge in the global market
  2. Woman should be encouraged to partake more advanced studies for the better good of the society
  3. Debate the pay levels of professional women athletes
  4. Marathon running is dangerous to the body; discuss
  5. The best diet is not always the safest diet
  6. We should introduce stiffer guidelines on sex and violence in TV shows
  7. Should governments be responsible for increased obesity worldwide?
  8. Discuss the effect of coffee on the younger generation
  9. Discuss effective ways of time management and dealing with procrastination v
  10. As a student, discuss some of the most effective ways for studying for a forthcoming test
  11. Give an expert analysis on the current situation in the European Union, and forecast the situation a decade from now
  12. Is it ethical for the US to support Israel’s invasion while at the same time preaching peace?
  13. Explain the challenges and opportunities that will arise if China effectively becomes a superpower
  14. Discuss the role of education in global terrorism
  15. How to effectively make use of physical spaces in classrooms to enable kids learn better
  16. Is it logical for countries to invade others in the name of peace missions?
  17. Discuss the desire for America to control major resources worldwide, with an inference on the implications to world peace
  18. Discuss the use of art to help in rehabilitating inmates
  19. Explain the challenges that genetically modified organisms pose to sustainability
  20. Discuss the irony of desert countries like Egypt and Israel thriving in agriculture, and highlight the major techniques that make this possible, while showcasing the major milestones that they have achieved.

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