How To Start A Process Essay: Useful Ideas From Expert Writers

Process essays are instructional. As such they lack some of the creative appeal that other essay structures have. You are basically constrained by the facts of how the thing you are describing takes place. You even have to make sure your essay follows the correct order when you sequence each paragraph. Here are some tips that can help you get off to the right start in your writing.

  • Be clear on the process you will be describing
  • At the very start of your essay it is absolutely critical that you are clear on what process you are writing about and how it takes place. A simple addition or subtraction of a word from the title can result in an entirely different essay. While this may not be too much of a problem if you were given the choice to write on any topic and you remained consistent throughout, it can result in failure if another title was expected.

  • Decide on how many parts the process will be split into
  • The decision on how many parts you will explain in your essay should be made at the start as well. This allows you to split steps into smaller steps when they become too complicated or combine multiple steps if they are simply repetitions of the same process. This will result in a much better organized essay.

  • Keep your language simple
  • While there will be processes that require the use of industry-specific jargon to be explained, the better essay will result from keeping your language simple wherever possible.This helps make the steps in your process easier to understand and stops you from seeming like you’re trying too hard to sound smart.

  • Re-read to ensure that you have clearly explained what you intended to explain
  • You should devote some time to looking over the beginning of your process essay to see that it thoroughly prepares the reader for what you intend to write next. If it is too vague you may need to add some more detail. If it is too long, look it over and see which elements could have been omitted or at least condensed for the sake of brevity.

The process essay gets easier with time and with the right topic and enough creativity it can be just as exciting as any of the other essay structures.

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