How to create a strong essay outline

A strong essay outline can help you write your essay with good organization and presentation. An outline helps you write about your topic based on significant points, ideas and notes you include. When you start writing your essay, a strong outline gives you a unique advantage as your essay is practically written already. It is a matter of revising your ideas into cohesive sentences and paragraphs. The following points can help you develop an effective outline for your essay.

  • Break up your essays into sections. On your paper you can have sections that each represents parts of your essay such as the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Each section may have points that provide hints for you to follow when you start researching your project or when you start taking notes.
  • Have a thorough understanding of each section that makes up your outline. Even though each section serves a purpose you should think about what information you need for each part. Sometimes it helps to look at sample outlines to get an idea of what details you should consider including.
  • Know what points should be included for each section. This is an important part of the outline as it helps you make a strong essay. Each section may represent a paragraph. Each paragraph may provide supporting evidence for your main idea, but your introduction and conclusion may provide a different purpose. The introduction will include the main idea or argument.The following sections should provide proof and supporting details. How you provide this information will depend on a few factors. Each point you mention to help support the main idea may need to be organized in specific manner to sufficiently support your argument.
  • Take your time researching your topic and take solid notes. If your outline is broken up into solid talking points this will make research much easier for you. When you come up with ideas you will have a better idea of whether they will be useful and where to include them.
  • Use the outline to organize your notes. As mentioned earlier this will help you take better notes. You should have a more defined idea of what details you need and what to leave out. This is an option also if you have notes written before you created an outline. It will make it easier for you to analyze what notes you have collected so far.

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