Proper way to write an essay about yourself

Writing a personal essay or an essay about yourself can be hard. When it’s related to you, sometimes it’s easier for another person to objectively see a situation or something about you. Because of this, you’ll really want someone to read over your essay once you’ve finished it, so that you can have a second opinion. There’s no truly correct or incorrect way to go about writing a personal essay, but there are ineffective ways to write. You can waste your time and make mistakes and still end up with a good essay, but there’s an easier, less stressful road you can take, too. If you’re looking for that path to less frustration and a great personal essay, you’re in the right place.

How to Start Writing a Personal Essay

If you want to make it easier to write your essay, you can start with an outline. For students who are good at writing, or who think they aren’t the best at it, either way making an outline will give you an advantage. If you’re interested in saving time and making a proper structure then you should try it.

Another way you can write an essay about yourself properly is writing out the anecdotes or stories you plan on using before writing the essay. Write out everything you can remember about the details and memories and then consult with relatives or friends who were there to fill in any blanks. Once you have the story as complete as you can make it, you’ll be ready to put it into your essay and change the way anything is worded, if needed.

Here are some basic steps to writing any essay well:
  • Do your research or story gathering first. If you try to start with the first draft, you can get stuck without knowing what to say, or lose the focus of what you want your essay to be about.
  • When you do write the rough draft, remember that’s it’s rough – the first time you write through it, your words will be far from perfect and that’s okay. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to make it better and more readable later on.
  • When editing, you should enlist the help of a friend. Having someone else to look over your work will allow them to point out errors that you’ve missed and give you a new point of view on the same material.

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