Importance Of Water

Water is a resource that many of us use without even thinking twice about its worth. We see people’s flippant attitude about water by observing how they contribute to water pollution and also by how they waste the water they have. But without water, life on earth would not exist. Our own bodies need water and every food we eat—whether meat or vegetable—needs water to grow and survive.

A resource taken for granted

People do not realize how important water is to the world as we know it. This is evident in the massive problems of water pollution we see and hear about every day. People seem to think that water can be used as a dumping source or a place to spill thousands of litres of oil. Another way we see people’s lack of appreciation for water is in how they waste it. Many people we know will not give a second thought to leaving a public tap half open or allowing their household pipes to leak water.

The body’s water percentage

The body is made up of 77% water. If this level drops by even a little, severe problems can be the result. Kidney failure would soon ensue and the transportation of essential minerals would cease. All bodily functions would come to a halt and the person would die rather quickly. This is not something to be taken lightly. Water is literally life as we know it and should be preserved and appreciated.

Preserver of other life forms

Water is also necessary for other life forms. Every plant that exists on earth needs water to survive (and we need plants to survive). Animals feed on plants and humans feed on animals. If water becomes so scarce that it cannot cater for all our vegetation, human life will be put at serious risk. Do not forget about fish and other marine life. Many species live in water and these would be dead in seconds if taken out of their natural environment.

This look at the importance of water should prompt us to think about how we treat this essential resource. Basic caution should be taken to preserve the water that is entrusted to us in our homes and public facilities. These small changes effected by everyone will collectively make a huge difference in the planet’s water resources.

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