Messi a Better Athlete than Cristiano Ronaldo


Football is almost like a religion for some parts of the Earth like Barcelona and Brazil. There is huge fan following for popular players Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi and there is an ever going debate if former is better than the latter. Many people say Ronaldo is faster off with the ball but Messi is more accurate with it.


Speed really does not matter with the ball as where the ball goes is more important than the speed with which it is thrown. Ronaldo uses a lot of force while he kicks the ball and this force ensures the ball goes all the way across the field but Messi is more efficient with kicks and the ball usually goes where it is intended to.


The effort required by Messi to score is almost half the effort taken by Ronaldo to put the football in the opponent’s net. Messi has a record to score if the ball is anywhere within thirty yards of the goal post. Ronaldo is taller than Messi so it may look as if he can easily use his head better to hit the ball and make it go where it should. But Messi can use his head better and records show he is more accurate with his head-and a much better header than Ronaldo.


Offence is better than defense! It may be true but defending is equally important in football. Analyses of game by both the players show that Messi has a much higher tackle rate as compared to Ronaldo. Messi likes to take the bull by the horn and is constantly defending his opponent making swift moves with his legs. Ronaldo is very good at free kicks but Messi has a very high interception rate, which is a must while defending a team.


Ronaldo is tall and appears very strong but he usually goes down after a little rough contact with the players. It is hard to put Messi down and even after some rough handling in the field he keeps on going like a steady bull on a mission. Agreed, Ronaldo can kick hard and the ball really goes far when he does, but long shots are more glamorous than accurate.


Statistics are available to show how ineffective long shots actually are and the results are far more positive if a player runs forward and ensures ball has hit the opponent’s net. This is what Messi does and with so many pluses at his side as evident from the discussion above he definitely seems to be a better athlete than Ronaldo.

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