Compare and Contrast Essay Papers: How to Start Your Writing

There are many different ways to write essay papers. What works for one person in terms of methodology will not necessarily work well or even at all for another person. No matter what methods a person uses to research and write an essay paper each essay should contain certain things. These things are a thesis, an outline, an introduction, the actual essay body and a conclusion.

Before we get into ways of writing let us assume that you already have your topic.

One Way

One way to get started writing is to sit down and write out whatever comes to mind about the subject. This will give you avenues to explore more thoroughly through research. Once you have what you want to research then the rest will come naturally. Make bullet points for each area of the topic and then as you research each one your mind will be formulating how you want this to be written in your paper.

Another way

Sometimes when an essay is assigned it is done so with certain instructions. If a topic is given to you by the instructor along with certain points to cover then your job is totally different than having to come up with everything yourself. An easy way to write essays like this is to make the title including the topic in it. Each point that your instructor wants covered should be a bullet point. The introduction should be stating what you hope to learn or prove with the research and the conclusion should reiterate the introduction along with how you came to your findings.

Once you have your title, bullet points, introduction and conclusion you can begin to do your research on the bullet points and by that time it is just a matter of filling in the blanks. You might be surprised at how much easier it is to do it this way.

Things to Remember

Always remember to cite your references. If this is not done then not only is it plagiarism but it is also illegal and you will more than likely immediately fail the course if not be kicked out of school altogether.

Always remember to organize your material in such a way that it is easy to read and makes sense while still having a professional tone.

Always remember that the more research you do, the better and more informed your essay will be.

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