Essays papers: concluding your writing

Essays are an important part of any educational experience. And they are assigned to give students the opportunity to highlight their writing skills and knowledge of a specific subject. Because of this, and their impact on an overall grade, they are assignments that should be taken seriously with much preparation and research.

Once you have your topic and direction, as well as the style you should be using for formatting and citations, you have to get to the writing process. If you’ve properly planned it out, the writing portion is actually the easy part – though that can be hard to believe for some new students and writers. Depending on the topic, it can be an easy breeze if you get your outline established well.

When you have your outline together, you will write your paper and tie all of your points together. The conclusion is the best place to remind the reader of your main point and establish why each of your points both make sense and tie your overall argument together.

The Conclusion

Your conclusion should include:

  • Restatement of issue: Restating your thesis will make your conclusion effective at tying all of your data and points together. It also reminds the reader, and your instructor, what your overall point is.
  • Quick review: Without going over every discussion point, because you have already done that, your conclusion should provide a quick overview of your points.
  • Conclusion statement: You can use a quote, important data, or some other attention getter to keep your reader thinking about your essay and your overall statement well after they read your paper. Some essay writers will even include excerpts from literature or poems. There are many options – get creative.

Your conclusion shouldn’t be too long, but it also shouldn’t be too short. Take your time creating an effective conclusion so that you don’t lose the reader at the very end of your essay. Some students work too quickly on their conclusion and end up failing the end of their paper. Take your time, just as any other point of your essay, and make it a well written piece.

Your conclusion is your last option to make a point and keep the reader engaged. If you plan it out on your outline, and review your overall paper well to make sure it all ties together in your conclusion, your paper will surely earn you a good grade.

The whole process of writing an essay is important – especially the conclusion.

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