Fall of Mazari Sharif


Mazari Sharif is a city situated in the capital of Balkh province in Afghanistan. The city had been under custody by the Talban and al-Qaeda forces since 1998. Its fall happened because of the push by the United States Special Forces and the United Islamic Front with the verge of rescuing Afghanistan. This occurred in 2001 due to the first ever-offensive war in Afghanistan.


Mazari Sharif city had been under the control of the Taliban since its recapture in 1997. It was in October end same year, 1997, when some security forces decided to come up with a plan to attack the Taliban. The two leaders from each squad, the U.S. Army Special Forces and Northern Alliance, Tommy Frank and Mohammed Fahim respectively decided to raid the city controller using different techniques. The U.S. forces took the responsibility of conceptualizing laser designators to hand round as symbols of hope for guided munitions accenting targets across the city. On the other hand, the Northern Alliance troops took control of the near areas, such as Shol Ghar, as well as disconnecting phone lines to disconnect their communication system. In addition, the American officials applied the propaganda leaflets on accounts of how the Taliban forces were indicting Afghan tanks on horseback, as well as setting up of own radio frequencies to report their own line of events.

When it came to their (The Taliban forces) learning that they were being surrounded, they stated moving around 4,000 fighters ready for the battle. To their surprise, the American Forces in conjunction with the Northern Alliance launched a heavy bombing campaign, which left almost all of the fighters dismantled. However, the Taliban did not give up as they promised to bring in another troop of 500 fighters for the battle.

The plan almost collapsed when the Afghans learnt that the American bombardment was not in their favor, which almost hindered them from advancing to the city. However, due to the influence of their commander of Generals, Ustad Mohammed and Dostum, the fighters sneaked in to the city via the Balk Valley where they meet minor resistances.


The fiery attacked by these two forces compelled the Taliban and al-Qaeda troops to flee from the city to the northern horn of the city for a mass counter-offensive. The two conflicting forces used inflicting philosophies, which later led to Taliban defeat. As the American Armies forced the Taliban fighters to surrender and flee, the Northern Alliance armies shot at them as they fled marking the fall of the Mazari Sharif.

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