Global warming essays: how to stay original?

Global warming is an exceedingly popular topic in science essays and research papers these days. There are many good reasons for this -- it is a massively important phenomenon of increasing urgency, and also a source of significant political controversy. Many students turn to the subject of global warming as a font of writing inspiration.

Since global warming is such a ‘hot’ topic for student papers, it bears paying attention to the common tropes and popular lines of argument that appear in papers on the subject again and again. Your global warming paper should be original and offer novel arguments and evidence, for the sake of your grade and your reader’s interest. Here are some tropes to avoid when drafting your essay.

Avoid Polar Ice Caps and Cores

In Al Gore’s now infamous documentary An Inconvenient Truth, one of the top signs of global warming’s effects was the diminishing size of the polar ice caps. In addition, a number of researchers and writers have used the carbon dioxide content of ice cores taken from the poles as an illustration of global climate change over time.

While these are strong, widely supported pieces of evidence, they have become somewhat overplayed. Many articles about global warming use photographs or descriptions of the melting polar ice caps to demonstrate how far along the process is, and many advocates and activists bemoan the effect this will have on wild life near the poles. Instead of retreading this popular path, find some compelling new evidence of global warming’s ill effects. If you can, try to show how global warming will effect the reader and his or her region, rather than focusing on the arctic circle.

Do Not Discuss the ‘Controversy’

The scientific community agrees that global warming is a real phenomenon that was caused, at least in part, by human pollution and industrialization. This has been the popular consensus for over thirty years, and the case for global warming has only gotten stronger over time. Despite this, many students decide to write about the ‘controversy’ of global warming in their papers.

If you write about the ‘debate’ over climate change, your professor with probably roll his or her eyes. It is a cliched topic at this point, and one that is not strictly rooted in reality. There are some people who refuse to accept the reality of global warming, but these people are a fringe minority and do not have scientific support, so do not give them any attention in your paper.

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