Writing supporting paragraphs of your essay

Constructing a college level paper can take some time to perfect. While you may not have all the time in the world to perfect the construction, resources are available to you. Here is some information that will help you to write efficient supporting paragraphs.


A paper is structured according to what type of essay it is. There exist basic structures to which all papers are based. The structure starts with an introduction in which you include a thesis, attention grabbing opening, and basic overview of the information you will present to your audience. The next is the body of your paper. This is the part where you will devote much of your attention to. This is your opportunity to present your key points in detail and provided supporting details. The last portion of the paper would be devoted to the conclusion. The conclusion of your paper is a chance to reiterate your theses, and summaries all of the key points of your paper. For the focus of the remainder of this article we will be talking about the body, or supporting paragraphs in the body of the paper.

The Purpose of Supporting Paragraphs

In your paper you will have at least three major points in which you will need to expound upon after giving your overview in the introduction. Supporting paragraphs are a way for you to do that. In the supporting paragraphs you will get to discuss relevant points that back up your main ideas. Information contained in the paragraph should reference scientific research, and other factual references. One should not just talk about mere opinion as opinions do not make for reasonable arguments.

Tips on constructing Effective Supporting Paragraphs

There are some tips one should follow if they want to provide the reader effective supporting paragraphs.

  • For one, each paragraph should start off with a topic sentence. This allows your reader to know what to expect ahead of time.
  • Be sure that each supporting paragraph relates back to the main idea of the essay. The supporting
  • paragraphs need to back up that thesis and that main point of each section. Use of signal words and transitions are also important to the success of your supporting paragraphs.
  • Use of general information and more descriptive information, like facts or descriptive information also helps.
  • Lastly, each sentence needs to transition to the next well. You want the essay to read over well.

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