Using Free Dissertation Proposal Samples


Dissertation proposal samples are free and easily obtainable, but there is definitely a way to use them and a way not to use them. Use them the right way and they can be of great help. Use them the wrong way and they could slash your chances of ever getting a dissertation proposal approved.


The wrong ways to use free dissertation proposal samples

  • Take the sample as it is and hand it in as your own dissertation proposal. Why do you think that would work? Wouldn’t that be extremely humiliating to find out your advisor or your committee had seen the exact same free proposal sample before?
  • Take chunks of the sample and copy and paste them into your own proposal. This idea is just as bad as the one previously mentioned.
  • Give it to someone else and tell them they can use it as their proposal. This would be a foul trick. Hopefully the other person is smart enough not to use it.


The right way to use dissertation proposal samples

  • Use it for inspiration in writing your own proposal.
  • Use it as an example of format and style in writing your own proposal.
  • Use it to compare to other free samples for dissertation proposals. Which ones are the most interesting? Why? Which ones capture the reader’s attention? Why? The answer to these questions will help you to inject interest in your own proposal and make it captivating to the reader.
  • You may use free samples from a writing company to decide which writer’s style you like better if you are choosing a writer to help you with your dissertation.


As with most things, there is a wrong way and a right way to use these free samples. The main thing to keep in mind is that they were not written by you, nor did you buy rights to them to put your name on them. Therefore, never consider handing one in. Additionally, many of these free samples have been seen by the academic advisors at many colleges and universities.


A sample proposal can be a good thing when used in the right way. It may spark an idea for you to use; it may give you a pattern to follow. If you find a sample you particularly like, then try to identify which traits you like. Is it the format? Is it the wording? Try to incorporate these things into your own proposal.

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