Writing an essay on drinking and driving

If you are going to write on drinking and driving then the essay is going to be argumentative because you need to give reasons for why do you support or do not support drinking and driving. Your persuasive essay is going to be in the following format.

  • First you will give your opinion in the form of a clear and strong statement in the beginning paragraph. It is up to you how much interesting start and strong statement you develop. In order to do so, you must think broadly on your topic before starting writing it in all respects and formulate the whole outline in your mind. Also you must be able to think of the reasons which are going to support your point of view.
  • Your reasons start with second paragraph. Every reason is given in one paragraph so that you are able to write step by step and in detail about that reason or argument. First, you state the reason and then you give details about that reason to make it discussed in detail and be understood clearly by the reader. Facts about that particular argument can be included in that paragraph to make it more convincing and realistic.
  • Usually there are three to four paragraphs of reasons.
  • At the end lies concluding paragraph. In this paragraph you provide conclusion in such a way that whole your previous debate also goes revisited. It has its own benefits
  • Your statement or standpoints gets repeated. But it doesn’t mean that you are going to write your whole statement again by repeating it. Rather, it is going to be in a different and unique way.
  • Concluding paragraph summarizes the whole debate. It presents the statement and arguments in a shorter way in order to conclude.
  • This summary make points clear and persistent and thus, powerful in the essay. The reader feels convinced after reading reasons and then it is easier for him to accept your stance.
  • It provides all points in one paragraph so that those you are used to of reading just the end must have all the points in grasp and could be able to understand your stance.

In this way, your persuasive essay is the best way to describe your opinion about drinking and driving. Drinking and driving usually has many negative consequences which make it really illegal. You have a lot to discuss in detail about it. You can also collect statistics about accidents of such people who drive while or after drinking.

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