How to write a hypothesis?

When it comes to writing essays it is sometimes necessary to write a hypothesis. The need for a hypothesis very much depends on the subject that is being studied, as well as the style of the essay itself. Scientific subjects will frequently require the use of a hypothesis in an essay.

What is a hypothesis?

Essentially, a hypothesis is an untested theory. They may sound the same but a theory has largely been tested, whereas a hypothesis is simply the beginning of a logical train of thought. The hypothesis will then need to be tested to see whether or not it is accurate; for example, testing to see if an event or reaction causes the expected consequence.

A hypothesis will be the basis for an essay, with the rest of the main details in the essay being trying to solve it. In a scientific essay, this may result in performing various experiments, which would be outlined in the main body of the essay. Ultimately, the conclusion of the essay will be based upon how these experiments worked and, crucially, whether or not they confirm or deny the hypothesis.

When to write the hypothesis

Due to the fact that the hypothesis is the reason behind the rest of the essay, it is best to have a draft completed prior to completing any testing or writing for the rest of the essay. Even if you later come back to the hypothesis to polish it up, it should be in place to start with.

It is important to remember that the hypothesis doesn’t necessarily have to be correct, as the experiments that are performed will be used to determine this. If the hypothesis turns out to be wrong then this will be outlined in the conclusion.

What to include in a hypothesis

When writing a hypothesis, you need to start with an idea. Ideally, the idea will be based upon a logical train of thought; in fact, it is entirely possible, particularly for younger students, that the hypothesis has already been proved and aim is to understand how an experiment works and how to write an essay that includes a hypothesis.

From this idea, you will need to expand so as to cover what you expect to happen and why. The methods that you will use to test the hypothesis, as well as the results and findings, will all appear later in the essay. So, the hypothesis is essentially explaining what you expect or hope may occur.

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