Writing An Accounting Paper - 4 Easy Steps

Writing an accountancy paper can be hard work. It’s a complicated subject and laying it out clearly on paper is a real challenge. It’s not made easier when you’re limited by time or length constraints, either; often a long essay is easier to write than a short one, because you don’t have to make so many decisions about what to include. If you’re panicking about writing your paper, though, there’s no need to worry. By breaking the process down into four easy steps you can produce a good result. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Firstly, you need to be absolutely clear on what your subject is. This sounds obvious but it’s amazing how many people forget about it. Keep your title in mind through the whole process, but it’s critical at this stage. You need to assemble your list of sources for the paper before you begin. Your tutor may give you a source list that will help with this, but you’ll produce a better essay - and get a better grade - if you go beyond this. Look at your tutor’s sources and find out what their sources were by checking the bibliographies. This can give you more detail or a different perspective. Look for other information related to your subject in the library and online.
  2. Lay out a plan for your paper and make a list of which sources will be used for each section. If some sections seem weak on references make another trip to the library and find some. Make rough notes for each section so that the structure of the completed paper is clear in your head.
  3. Write the paper. It’s a good idea to use a completed paper as an outline so that you know exactly how it should be presented. It’s an even better idea to use a paper that’s not on the same subject, just to avoid inadvertently including someone else’s material in a way that could be construed as plagiarism.
  4. Finally, read the paper thoroughly and make sure it flows properly and covers every point. Look out for conclusions that aren’t supported by the body text and, conversely, points in the body that don’t seem to lead anywhere. Pay attention to the formatting; you can find general guidelines for formatting accountancy papers online, but your own faculty may have its own guidelines you need to stick to as well. Check that your reference list is properly laid out and includes every source you used. If you’re not a confident writer it may be a good idea to use a writing service to proof-read and edit for you.

By following these steps you will ensure that your paper is properly structured and leads logically to its conclusions. Like any other task it’s a lot easier when well planned.

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