How to Find an Unusual Persuasive Essay Topic

Persuasive essays are slightly more difficult to write than a standard essay topic. All essays have a thesis statement that presents your side of an argument.  Hopefully, the reader will agree with your side of things, but your reader is really left to formulate his or her own opinion based on your body of evidence.  In a persuasive essay, your job is to absolutely win the argument.  Your goal is to leave the reader agreeing with you completely. One way to attack the persuasive essay is to come up with an unusual persuasive essay topic.  Use the following approach and tips of how to find yours.

Choose a Topic that is Interesting

  • If you write about your personal interests and passions you are better prepared to select a unique topic that is not overly written about.
  • Your teachers and professors read a lot of persuasive essays.  More often than not, the material is dry and uninteresting for your poor teacher.  Therefore, try to pick a topic that interests both you and your teacher.

Know a lot About Your Topic

  • You may have numerous interests that you don’t yet know much about.  Choose one of the interests that you already know well. 
  • Having a complete body of knowledge on the topic you select will enable you to narrow your topic down and pick out the most unusual points.

Ask Others for Suggestions

  • Start with asking your fellow classmates.  Ask a few students or friends for ideas of what they would like to read about. Tell them you are looking for a topic that would stand out amongst the crowd.
  • Your classmates have the same assignment as you.  They are currently in the mode of coming up with an original topic the same as you.

Search Through Printed Material or Online

  • If you still are not able to come up with an unusual persuasive topic you are satisfied with, you may browse other written material.  Try looking through newspaper headlines, a book’s table of contents or articles found in magazines. 
  • As a final and last resort, perform a keyword search online.  There are tools online available to help.  There are numerous sites that list example after example, and some are even funny!
  • I would like to point out a word of caution regarding online searching.  Once you perform a search query, you will immediately see that you could easily take one of the examples as your own.  Avoid this temptation and come up with your own well thought-out unusual topic.

Writing a persuasive essay is difficult enough.  Make your job easier and better for your teacher or professor by selecting an original, unusual topic.  Utilizing this guideline will help you do just that.  Be creative and good luck.

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