Three Secrets Of Effective Novel Response Essay Writing

Crafting an effective novel response essay does not have to be a challenging prospect. This type of paper has been assigned repeatedly by teachers for years. Students have written about every type of novel, from the gothic pieces, classics, and the most modern horror stories. No matter what novel you are responding to, there are a few secrets to know.

  1. Prove that you have read it. When instructors assign projects to analyze novels, they are really looking to see if you have actually read the book. Whether you actually have or not, you need to write like you have. It is vital to include more information and opinions about the book than you would find in a typical study guide about the book. Include minor details along with the major happenings. Include opinions with facts from the book as support. Show that you are an expert on the book. If you do not, your instructor will quickly be able to spot your flaws and insecurities in your writing.
  2. Include interesting quotes. A secret that many students do not know is that they should include fascinating quotes - and most books are full of them. Then, students should include their opinions about the meanings behind the quotes. As you read through the book, look for unique quotes that occur in the beginning, middle, and end, so your instructor knows you have read it. You should show how those quotes display the changes that occur to characters and themes. You can also show how those quotes affect the plot. Just include quotes that show your knowledge and support your opinion.
  3. Follow essay writing rules. Even though you are writing a response to a novel, it is still a formal paper. It is vital to include all of the necessary components. You can include a quote in the introductory paragraph, but be sure to explain the significance of the quote in the same paragraph. Then, write an interesting thesis that you are going to prove throughout the body paragraphs of the paper. The body paragraphs should still include topic sentences that refer back to the thesis. Those body paragraphs should also include quotes and explanations that support the topic sentences and thesis. Lastly, the paper should include a conclusion that restates the thesis, shows the most important parts of the essay, then refers back to the introductory quote.

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