Marijuana how bad it is

Marijuana is a drug and its use is increasing each passing day especially among the teens. It can cause cancer more than a normal tobacco cigarette. It contains THC that causes cancer. People who smoke marijuana are prone to developing bronchitis- a disease of trachea.

The excessive use of this drug can lead to physical and mental problems. People who smoke marijuana are more likely to develop cancer. It also affects the fertility of a person. Marijuana smokers can become impotent and it also disturbs the menstrual process in women. The drug has so many harmful effects but they are not shared publically. Teens and adults who use it have no idea of the potential risk they are putting themselves into. The THC in cannabis can damage the neurons that cause loss of memory. It is one of those drugs that can lead to genetic problems by abnormal division of cells. Pregnant women are observed smoking pot because it helps to stay calm but it is the worst thing they can do to their baby. The baby inside the womb can get adversely affected due to the intake of marijuana by the mother. It may lead to premature birth or birth of a baby who is not healthy and is under developed. Children whose mothers smoke weed during pregnancy can have mental disabilities and even serious other problems. The drug causes temporary loss of memory. People tend to forget things when they are high on weed. The thinking ability of the person is seriously damaged. It is a serious threat to mental and physical health. Smoking marijuana also triggers appetite. People tend to eat a lot after smoking pot. If you are on a diet and plan to lose some weight then it is impossible to manage with marijuana. The excessive eating may lead to food poisoning and malfunctioning of body systems. The drug causes slowing down of the nervous system as well. The worst part is that marijuana is a sexual stimulant, if you are smoking it with your partner then it may be okay but if you do it at a party or a public gathering you are most likely to involve into sexual activity even on minutest request.

This will lead to problems for you in the future. When you are high you even forget to take precautions and may result in getting pregnant.

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