Juvenile Gangs

Office of Justice Programs defined a juvenile gang as an association of three or more teenagers whose major aim is to further or engage in criminal activities and it identifies itself by adopting a distinct group identity, so that it can intimidate or cause fear in the community. Walker traced the history of juvenile gangs from the post revolutionary war period. In early 19th century, immigrant children started forming groups to protect themselves. However, currently, the situation has changed as the youth gangs are becoming more and more dangerous everywhere. This paper therefore, will discuss why the rising gangs should be prevented in the community. First, Mays reported that juvenile groups in New York City were increasingly recruiting kids in their middle schools or younger than them. The gangs are becoming sophisticated, and younger, as it can be witnessed in schools where children are becoming affiliated to gangs. Moreover, feverish activities have been continued on social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Therefore, in order to save the coming generation from the jaws of juvenile gangs, appropriate measures need to be taken to prevent them.

Secondly, more experienced adult criminals are using the juvenile gangs to divert police attention. The gangs, which may contain subsets of female crews, hang out in large groups, which normally attract police attention towards them. The older criminals would use them to create a sense of havoc so that police become occupied in areas where the juvenile gangs are so that they keep on selling drugs without police notice. Therefore, as a way of breaking this tactic, they should be prevented.

The gangs’ members who are both boys and girls are engaging in high-risk sexual behaviors. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention established that since girls have started joining them in large numbers, sexual abuse and violence would rise. This will have long-term consequences on their physical and social health. Therefore, to save the girl child, the gangs should be prevented from all neighborhoods.

From the discussion, it is evident that apart from posing a great danger to the community, the gangs’ members are also destroying themselves. The society needs to step up and raise the child to prevent the life of drugs and guns starting at such an age. This can be achieved by finding them something positive like sports as opposed to the destructive lifestyle.

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