Current Trends of Indian Beer Market

Ratna, R. et al described beer as the oldest and most popular alcoholic drink in the world. This implies that consumption of beer is a common norm for many people. Consumption rate of beer has been rising with increase in population. Consequently, supply and distribution of beer has also been increasing in order to meet ever rising demand. This trend is not exemption in India. This paper aims at analysing beer market in India and its major aspects. In addition, it highlights the features and prospects of beer market in India. This leads to understanding why consumption and distribution of alcoholic beverages especially beer is high thus making the market attractive to investors.

The alcoholic consumption in India has been going through drastic revolution thus increasing the rate of its use among Indians. Sharma, K. et al describes the rate at which the consumption is rising as steady and continuous. This is due to change of behaviour whereby people strive to adapt new ways of life. Beer consumption is viewed as part of leisure especially in the modern days. This conception has greatly contributed towards high consumption rate in the Indian market. As a result, the market has attracted competitive players both locally and internationally. Recently, the government of India adopted liberalisation of market thus affecting the beer market positively. Arora, A. et al attributed the current market structure and steady growth in beer sector to liberalisation. There has been immense improvement in quality of beer manufactured and distributed in the market. Future prospects of beer market are quite promising due to government commitment to quality alcoholic drinks. This sets the stage ready for competitive market in terms of quality. It also makes it attractive to able investors to utilise the available opportunities in the market. In respect of this, Enderwick, P. describes this market as emerging and promising for competitive investors.

Current demand for quality beer in India is quite high. This makes easy for the new entrants in the market to penetrate. According to Kumar, liberalisation and stiff competition on the other hand serves as an advantage to consumers. This situation brings the balance where quality beer is availed to consumers at competitive price. High rate of consumption raises sufficient revenue for both distributors and the government through taxation. It is upon this backdrop that Indian beer market is becoming attractive due to viable investment opportunities. Environment is friendly to both investors and target market.

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