Terrorists Should be Tried in Military Court, not in Civil Court

Terrorists are undoubtedly countries' enemies which threat the nation's peace. For this reason many people believe that they should be treated the same way as the war criminals. However, the very definition of the word terrorism contradicts this judgment.

Terrorism is not a declared war between two distinct nations. It is a random act of violence against an enemy in an authorized environment. Since the military court is designed to deal with war issues, they are clearly not responsible for terrorists. In this way, it is part of constitutional principle to include these matters in the civil court instead.

Besides, civilian courts are known to possess many convictions against terrorism which favor the fact of punishing the real terrorists harshly for the losses they have caused. On the contrary, military courts are found to have simply three convictions for terrorism. Therefore, we can conclude it is not a good idea to try terror campaigns in military commissions.

In addition to this, it is a law of justice system that any individual is assumed to be innocent until proven guilty. In opposition, the military courts are not restricted to follow this decree. The rules and regulations of this respective court support the idea of allowing detention without going through the process of trials. However, such a law does not apply to the ones suspected to be terrorists. This is because, these are persons are considered to be merely criminals and not battlefield captures or warriors.

Handling terrorist demands to follow a proper criminal justice system and legalized procedures. However it is true that many terrorists’ suspects were sent to military detention but they were soon moved to civil courts after certain legitimate disputes.

Similarly law implementing organizations like FBI are known to have professionals having great experience in the field of interrogation. Such skillful persons are able to make definite decisions about terrorism suspects without the aid of using tortured techniques. In fact they utilize intelligence and wisdom only to serve the purpose. Since the end result has been through an appropriate procedure, it is believed to be hundred percent accurate.

Moreover, civil courts are known to have stronger and longer history about handling terrorism cases as compared to military courts. No doubt military commissions' techniques and modes of working have enhanced but yet all this does not make them better at cases other than war based.

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