Reviews of Custom Essay Writing Service – Are they Real?


It seems that everything gets reviewed these days – plumbing services, computer products, furniture. We even think we saw a review once involving the quality of the air in Colorado. The general trend, these days, seems to be reviewing. People love to review and give their opinions on different products and services, and such reviews should be encouraged! After all they can both inspire the service or product to be better, while notifying future customers what to expect from such sources. Reviews are essential to determining the quality of a service and this is no more true that with custom essay writing services.


Before you sue custom essay writing services, you want to make sure your selecting a service you can trust. Naturally, you’ll want to flock to reviews of the service. After all, won’t those give you honest opinions on customer experiences with the service? Unfortunately, no; sometimes, reviews of any kind – and especially regarding custom essay services – are no completely authentic. It’s become a common, dishonest practice for goods and services to actually pay individuals to provide good reviews of their products. Now a new question pops up: when you encounter reviews of an essay writing service online, how can you tell if they’re real, or if they were posted by paid acting writers?


Here’s the thing: a lot of essay service reviews are real, but a good few of them aren’t. To tell the difference, you need to play it smart. First, consider where the review is posted. If it’s posted on the essay service’s site itself, it’s probably not trustworthy; after all, the service isn’t going to post negative reviews on its front page. Also don’t trust scathingly negative reviews posted by competing sites, as these could be a product of nasty competition. The best place to look for authentic reviews is on sites that gain no benefit or harm from the sites good or bad reviews. These are third party sites with no vested interest in the company.


Another way you can tell a fake review from a true one is the way it’s worded. Fake reviews will often extol the virtues of an essay writing company in an overly excited way, while diminishing (or ignoring) any possible downsides. While true reviews can sound similar to this, too, it’s far less likely that a common student would be jumping up for joy after their experience with an essay service. Beware overly positive reviews or reviews that sound too cardboard-cut-out like. Find reviews that really sound as though real people wrote them; you’ll find it’s easy to tell the difference after a while.

A legit writing service has:

  • A well-designed webpage
  • A working landline
  • Grammatically correct content
  • A real Money Back Guarantee
  • Realistic prices
  • A real company name and number

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