10 Things To Know Before Writing An Essay On Electoral Colleges

This short article highlights ten important things you should know about electoral colleges before writing an essay about them. The first and one important part of your assignment work are close reading and effective research. You can use this article as an entry point for this process of your work.

Origins of democracy

Start your reading and research program right from the beginning by exploring and investigating the origins of democracy first. The list in this article is random. You can select one to three areas of interest from this list and build your paper around it.

Two good models to use

Do a study on where the process of electing leaders was exercised in other nations other than the USA. Then do a comparative analysis of the various systems and see if you can decide whether the US model, as it is currently used is better or needs to be revised. Here’s a quick hint that you can research further; although both countries have had a federal system of government over a period of many years, the models used in Germany and the USA are distinctly different.

Propose ways to improve the electoral process

The Electoral College was severely tested and came to be closely scrutinized by all stakeholders after the closely contested US Presidential elections in 2000. Do a critical analysis of this historic election and see if you can propose ways to improve the democratic process.

Focus areas

Now, the rest of this guide will list ten focus areas for you to work on further.

  1. Historical origins of electoral colleges
  2. Listed examples of modern-day electoral colleges
  3. Investigate the term Trust or Profit in the US Constitution
  4. Describe the current format of the Electoral College
  5. List and note the main functions of the College
  6. List and note the main purposes of the college
  7. Do a summarized statistical survey of how college votes are apportioned State by State
  8. Research and discuss the Constitutional Convention of 1787
  9. Explore the historical role of the US Vice-President in the Presidential election process
  10. Bush vs. Gore – Give an analysis of what went wrong (or right) in this historic election

This article has listed some of the things you should know about electoral colleges before writing your essay. If you find that the process of research has been too slow and a little problematic for you so far, you can use this page as a helpful guide so long.

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