Some tips for writing evaluative essays

Rating creative work of others is the common purpose for evaluation essays. It is a matter of evaluating overall efforts made by others whether it is a book, movie or some type of performance. In doing so you may provide input on how well something with put together and how it can be improved. In some cases, writing your essay may depend on your approach or how you experienced the work being evaluated. A good essay of this nature can be written easily when you remember a few tips that can help you along the way.

  • Have an outline to help you write your essay in logic format. This can help you organize your thoughts while having a general idea where your information will appear through the essay. To do this, you just break up the essay into smaller sections such as the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Under each section you can write down information or notes you intend to include when writing your final draft.
  • When possible try to actually experience a performance. This is for those who may read a book based on a stage play or movie. It can provide further insight and even have a constructive effect on your overall evaluation. You introduction may include some interesting details or facts about the content you are evaluating. If your essay is based on a book, consider adding something about it that others may not know.
  • Be clear with your content as you evaluate your subject. Your opinion may differ from others and that is okay. You are giving your opinion based on what you took from the work and what you observed. Your answer will not be considered right or wrong, but you want to provide enough information to justify your evaluation and to distinguish it from others.
  • Be descriptive when writing the body of your essay. Provide details about the scenery, script, acting, writing and other important elements about what you experienced. Be sure to include information that will support what you saw (your claim).
  • When you write your conclusion it should be an overview of what your essay is about. You may consider restating main points about the subject you evaluated.
  • Take time to think about your approach to the essay before you start writing. Think about things you want others to know and what you took from content you read, saw or experienced.

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