Cause Effect Essays Can Be Written In A Few Hours

If you’re an experienced writer who has written many cause effect essays over the years, chances are you’ve developed a groove on how to write a great essay of this nature in a timely fashion. You most likely know the importance of identifying your topic and cause, developing your effects, writing your thesis, and finishing with a compelling, matter of fact conclusion. If you’re new to the cause effect essay world, maybe it’s not the best idea to try and rush through cause effect essay but here are a few notes on how to, just in case.


  • Topic
  • Cause
  • Narrowed Effects
  • Thesis Statement
  • Connected Effects to Cause
  • Summary Conclusion

Cause & Thesis Statement

The point of cause effects essays are to get you thinking analytically and then explaining your thoughts in a clear and concise way. From your topic, you want to pick a cause, which is basically an event or issue and use it as the basis for the supporting effects as a result of the cause. At the end of your introductory paragraph, you want to state the thesis of your essay, taking your stance on the cause of the event or issue.


After the event or issue and your presentation of the cause for it to take place, the next thing you’ll want to explore are the effects that stem from the cause. Because with some topics there could be a wide range of effects, the first thing you’ll want to do is identify the most important and depending on the length of your essay, present them in an orderly fashion. With this particular assignment, less is more so don’t try to present too many effects. Instead, challenge yourself to aim for as few as possible with a strong in-depth analysis into each. Too many effects can be confusing for the reader to follow, which gets away from the point of cause effect essays.

Another thing to remember is the importance of connecting each effect back to the cause. Don’t expect your reader to automatically know that these effects are a direct result of the cause. Rather, treat the situation as if the reader is learning about this for the first time. The more connections you make from one effect to the cause, the stronger your essay with become.

End with a conclusion that summarizes your essay and nothing more.

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